Rate & Fee Schedule

The rates and terms applicable to your account at Capitol View Credit Union are provided in this rate and fee schedule, below.

Dividends for all accounts listed below are compounded and credited quarterly. Dividend periods for all accounts are calendar quarters. Capitol View uses the Average Daily Balance Method for computing account balances.

Current Rates

Rates are as of June 12, 2024 and are subject to change. APR = Annual Percentage Rate.

All rates listed are our best rates and may vary based on creditworthiness and other factors. Capitol View uses TransUnion for credit reporting information.

To view a copy of your credit report visit www.annualcreditreport.com

Savings Account Rates

Savings Accounts (S1, S4 Types)
Average Daily BalanceRateAPY
$0 – < $5,0000%0%
$5,000 – < $10,0000.25%0% – 0.25%
$10,000 or Higher 0.50%0% – 0.50%

Checking Account Rates

Checking Accounts (S5 Types)
Average Daily BalanceRateAPY
$2,000 and above0.05%0.05%

Certificate of Deposit Rates

TermMinimum BalanceStandard RateStandard APY
13 Month$25,0004.77%4.85%
21 Month$25,0004.04%4.10%
41 Month$10,0003.80%3.85%
15 Month JUMBO CD$100,0004.91%5.00%
1 Year$2,5003.80%3.85%
1 Year$10,0004.53%4.60%
2 Years$2,5002.25%2.27%
2 Years$10,0003.00%3.03%
3 Years$2,5001.75%1.76%
3 Years$10,0002.30%2.32%
5 Years$2,5001.25%1.26%
5 Years$10,0002.35%2.37%
Certificate of Deposit Rates
*IRA CDs are also available at these current rates.

Money Market Rates

Money Market Rates
Average Daily BalanceRateAPY
$0 - $19,999.990.25%0.25%
$20,000 - <$50,0001.49%1.50%
$50,000 - < $100,0001.99%2.00%
$100,000 or higher2.72%2.75%

IRA Rates

IRA Account Rates
Traditional, Roth, & Education IRAs
Average Daily BalanceRateAPY
$100 or higher0.75%0.75%

MasterCard Rates (Variable)

Variable RateAPR
Classic MasterCard14.50%14.50%
Gold MasterCard10.50%10.50%

Value Loans (No Collateral)

Value Loans (No Collateral)
TermMinimumRegular RateLoyalty Rate*
Up to 36 Months$5,000.0010.24%9.99%
Up to 48 Months$5,000.0011.24%10.99%
Up to 60 Months$5,000.0012.24%11.99%

ValuePLUS Loans (Collateral Required)

ValuePLUS Loans (Collateral Required)
See Vehicle Loan Rates

Lifesaver Loans

Lifesaver Loans (No Collateral)
TermMinimumRegular RateLoyalty Rate*
Up to 24 Months$50013.99%13.74%
Up to 36 Months$50014.99%14.74%

Share-Backed Loans

Share-Backed Loans
TermMinimumRegular RateLoyalty Rate*
Share Secured
Up to 24 Months
$500+3.00% above S1 APY+3.00% above S1 rate
Money Market Secured
Up to 24 Months
$500+3.00% above S9 APY+3.00% above S9 rate
Certificate Secured
Up to 24 Months
$500+3.00% above certificate APY+3.00% above certificate rate

Vehicle Loan Rates

New Vehicle Loans (2022 and Newer)
TermRegular RateLoyalty Rate*Big Summer Special Rate**
Up to 36 Months5.74%5.49%4.99%
Up to 48 Months5.99%5.74%5.24%
Up to 60 Months6.24%5.99%5.49%
Up to 72 Months6.49%6.24%5.74%
Up to 84 Months6.74%6.49%5.99%
2019 – 2021 Used Vehicle Loans
TermRegular RateLoyalty Rate*Big Summer Special Rate**
Up to 48 Months6.24%5.99%5.49%
Up to 60 Months6.99%6.74%6.24%
Up to 72 Months7.24%6.99%6.49%
2017 – 2018 Used Vehicle Loans
TermRegular RateLoyalty Rate*
Up to 48 Months7.74%7.49%
Up to 60 Months8.24%7.99%
2016 and Older Used Vehicle Loans
TermRegular RateLoyalty Rate*
Up to 36 Months8.74%8.49%

Home Equity Loans (Fixed Rate)

Home Equity Loan (Fixed Rate)
TermRegular RateLoyalty Rate*
60 Months – 85% LTV6.99%6.74%
120 Months – 85% LTV7.49%7.24%
180 Months – 60% LTV7.49%7.24%
180 Months – 85% LTV7.99%7.74%
LTV = “Loan-To-Value” Ratio
Add 2% for LTV above 85%

Home Equity Lines of Credit (Variable Rate)

Home Equity Line of Credit (Variable Rate)
Term Rate
Up to 85% LTVBased on Prime
LTV = “Loan-To-Value” Ratio

*Loyalty Rates:
Members who enroll in direct deposit of their full paycheck and a setup automatic payments for their loan qualify for a 0.25% rate discount on that loan. This discount cannot be combined with other rate discounts.

Fee Schedule

Closing Account Open Less Than Six Months$15.00
Overdraft Transfer to Checking for ACH3 Free/mo.
$4.00* ea.
Inactive Account Fee
For members 19 or older, with only a savings, club, or checking account, no activity for the past six (6) months, and an average balance below $200.
(*) These items are subject to 7% state sales tax.
Balance Checkbook$25.00*/hr.
Check Cashing Fee (Non-Members)$5 or 1% up to $20
Check Copy Fee$3.00* ea.
NSF Honored Items$30.00 ea.
NSF Returned Items$30.00 ea.
Overdraft transfer from Savings for a draft3 Free/mo.
$4.00* ea.
Stop Payment
Per Item / Block of Checks
$30.00* ea.
ATIRA Gift Card$3.00 ea.
(*) These items are subject to 7% state sales tax.
Debit Cards & ATM Cards
ATM Cash Withdrawals or Inquiries5 Free/mo.
$1.00* ea.
DepositsNo Charge
Copy of a Sales Draft$10.00 ea.
Payment by Phone Using Debit Card$15.00 ea.
Point of Sale TransactionNo Charge
Replace Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Card
Rush New Plastic
Same-Day Rush New Plastic
$10.00* ea.
(*) These items are subject to 7% state sales tax.
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Annual FeeNone
Balance TransfersNo Charge
Cash Advances3%
Late Fee$15.00
Over Limit Fee$15.00
Return Check Fee$25.00
Sales Draft Copy Fee$10.00* ea.
Statement Copy Fee$5.50* ea.
Payment by Phone Using Credit Card$15.00 ea.
Replace Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Card$10.00* ea.
(*) These items are subject to 7% state sales tax.
General Services
Account Research$20.00*/hr.
Amortization Schedule$2.00* ea.
Bad Address Fee$5.00 ea.
Cashiers Check$3.00 ea.
Coin Deposits (Over $200)1%
Check Collection$25.00 ea.
Current Transaction Summary$1.00* ea.
Copy of Past Statement$4.00* ea.
Delay-A-Payment (Loan Pmts)$30.00 ea.
Deposited Item Copy Fee$3.00 per copy
Empty ATM Deposit Envelope Fee$25.00 ea.
Extra Copies of 1099/1098$4.00* ea.
Long Distance
$2 + $1/pg.
$4 + $1/pg.
IRA Closure Before Age 59.5 Years Old$25.00
Garnishments / Levies$25.00
Money Orders$2.00 ea.
New Vehicle Price Guide$5.00 ea.
Notary Services (Non-Members)$5.00 ea.
Payment by phone using debit or credit card$15.00 ea.
Return Deposit Item$10.00 ea.
Wire Transfers
Incoming Wires
Sending Domestic
Sending International
$8.00 ea.
$15.00 ea.
$40.00 ea.
(*) These items are subject to 6% state sales tax.
Safe Deposit BoxesAnnual RateLoyalty Rate
3" H x 10" W$45.00$30.00
5" H x 10" W$60.00$45.00
10" H x 10" W$100.00$85.00
Drilling A BoxCOSTCOST
New Keys (Pair)COSTCOST
The listed fees are effective April 1, 2020 and are subject to change daily. Service fees and charges are subject to change as per Credit Union policy. Service fees and charges may be subject to a 7% sales tax. We reserve the right to at any time require not less than seven (7) days notice in writing before each withdrawal from a dividend-bearing account other than a time deposit, or from any other savings account as defined by federal Regulation D. Any fees charged by shared branches for member services or research will be passed through to the member and charged to the member’s account at 100%.

Senior Class Benefits:

Members age 60 and older who have maintained a minimum Share Savings balance of $2,000 over the past 60 days are eligible for the following product discounts:

  • Free Checks (Shipping and Tax not included. Limited to single, standard box.)
  • Free Money Orders
  • Free Notary Service
  • Free Financial Counseling