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Buying a vehicle can sometimes be a stressful process. However, when you finance your vehicle with Capitol View we will help you feel confident and stress-free. PLUS, enjoy no payments for up to 90 days!

In addition to our consistently low rates, members can choose from multiple available protections including a Vehicle Protection Plan, GAP insurance, life & disability insurance, and extended warranty. Just like our rates, these products are offered a consistency lower prices than dealerships and banks.

Finally, members can enjoy our loyalty rate discount if they have direct deposit and automatic loan payments.

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Capitol View offers a free vehicle pricing tool powered by NADA Guides. Easily calculate the value of your current car or one you are interested in purchasing.

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Capitol View allows qualifying members the option to delay a loan payment. If you are interested in this service please review the terms and conditions and complete the Delay-A-Pay Authorization Form, which are both linked below:

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Vehicle Rates

New Vehicle Loans (2021 and Newer)
TermRegular RateLoyalty Rate*
Up to 36 Months5.74%5.49%
Up to 48 Months5.99%5.74%
Up to 60 Months6.24%5.99%
Up to 72 Months6.49%6.24%
Up to 84 Months6.74%6.49%
2018 – 2020 Used Vehicle Loans
TermRegular RateLoyalty Rate*
Up to 48 Months6.24%5.99%
Up to 60 Months6.99%6.74%
Up to 72 Months7.24%6.99%
2016 – 2017 Used Vehicle Loans
TermRegular RateLoyalty Rate*
Up to 48 Months7.74%7.49%
Up to 60 Months8.24%7.99%
2015 and Older Used Vehicle Loans
TermRegular RateLoyalty Rate*
Up to 36 Months8.74%8.49%
Rates are as of September 13, 2023 and are subject to change. APR = Annual Percentage Rate.

All rates listed are our best rates and may vary based on creditworthiness and other factors. Capitol View uses TransUnion for credit reporting information.

To view a copy of your credit report visit
*Loyalty Rates: Members who enroll in direct deposit of at least $1,000/mo and a setup automatic payments for their loan qualify for a 0.25% rate discount on that loan. This discount cannot be combined with other rate discounts.

Available Protections

Along with your vehicle loan, Capitol View offers additional protections that often times make good financial sense. What’s more, Capitol View offers these protections at far better rates than dealers and banks. Explore these services and ask your loan office for a quote.

Vehicle Protection Plan – Auto Essentials

  • Our Vehicle Protection Plan offers you a range of essential vehicle protections to save you money and frustration. Protections include:
    • Key/Remote Replacement
    • Tire & Wheel Road Hazard Protection
    • Cosmetic Wheel Repair
    • Paintless Dent Repair
    • Windshield Repair
    • 24-hr Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • Speak with one of our loan officers for additional details and a quote.

Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) Insurance

  • GAP insurance is a valuable safety net for your vehicle loan. In the event of an accident, insurance companies traditionally will only reimburse you for the current retail value of the vehicle. However, many times, especially with new vehicles, the retail value is less then the outstanding loan balance. GAP insurance is there to cover the ‘gap’ between the retail value of the vehicle and the outstanding loan balance.
  • In addition, our GAP insurance now offers deductible reimbursement in the event of minor accidents.
    • Auto Deductible Reimbursement – also known as ADR – provides insurance deductible reimbursement coverage up to $500, should you ever experience a covered loss.
    • To file a Claim: Go to or call the claims administrator at 1.877.296.4892 to request a claim form.
  • Ask your loan officer about the advantages of GAP insurance and for a quote.

Extended Warranty

  • Capitol View offers a wide reaching extended warranty on our vehicle loans at a lower price than most dealers or banks would offer. Each year, we have members save hundreds, even thousands, of dollars thanks to their extended warranty at Capitol View.
  • Contact your loan officer for recent examples of member savings, details on coverage, and pricing.

Life & Disability Insurance

  • Life & disability insurance offers a valuable safety net against life’s hardest challenges. Dealing with an unexpected disability or death can be an overwhelming burden on loved ones. By securing your loan with life & disability insurance you will remove the stress of debt so you can focus on the future.
  • The life coverage will pay off the outstanding loan balance in the event of your or your co-borrower’s death. The disability coverage will pay for your loan payments in the event of a disability or injury which results in lost wages until you are able to return to work.
  • Similar to our other products, we are able to offer life & disability insurance for a lower price than most other providers because of our not-for-profit status. Ask your loan officer for additional information and a quote.

Boat, Motorcycle, RV

Put some adventure in your life with a boat, motorcycle, or RV loan. Our low loan rates, quick service, and convenient terms make it easy for the adventurous to get moving! For the most part, rates on these types of vehicles will be similar to our standard vehicle rates. Contact one of our loan officers today to get started.