Digital Banking

Digital Banking Conversion Is Scheduled For October 22-25

Conversion to our new digital banking system is scheduled for October 22-25.

How this conversion will affect your online and mobile access:

  • Online and mobile services will be temporarily unavailable from the end of the day on October 22 until approximately noon on October 25.
  • Members who have logged into online banking or our mobile app within the last year will continue to use their existing username (account number) and password following this conversion. Mobile app users will need to download the new mobile app, available October 25.
  • All other members will be able to register for the new digital banking system, beginning October 25. The registration process has been greatly simplified to ensure ease-of-use and a high level of security.

How this conversion will affect our current online and mobile tools:

  • Mobile App Users
    • Beginning October 25, members will need to download our new Capitol View Credit Union mobile app. It will be available on the Apple and Google app stores, beginning October 25.
  • Bill Pay Users
    • Any one-time or recurring bill payments scheduled to be delivered after October 22 will be converted and processed as scheduled.
    • We recommend reviewing your bill pay payees and scheduled payments following the conversion, beginning October 25.
    • Our new bill pay service will now schedule payments based on when you want them initiated with a target delivery date. This will ensure that there are sufficient funds for bill payments prior to processing.
  • Capview Connect Users
    • Capview Connect will be replaced with a streamlined A2A/P2P tool within our new bill pay service. Any existing account connections or individuals will need to be added again following this conversion.
    • Our new A2A/P2P transfer tool in bill pay also offers a streamlined account setup and eliminates the need for verifying test deposits.
  • Voice Banking Users
    • Our voice banking service will no longer be available as of October 22. Voice banking users are encouraged to register for the new digital banking tool or contact our office for balances and inquiries.
  • NEW! Capview 360
    • Our new digital banking service will include a new financial management tool, Capview 360. This tool will allow members to track and categorize their transactions, add accounts from other institutions, create budgets, create goals, and more! Explore the new Capview 360 tool beginning October 25.
    • Note: Capitol View credit card accounts will not be initially available in Capview 360. Stay tuned for updates regarding when you can include your Capitol View credit cards in your Capview 360 budget.


What’s New


Face ID and Touch ID – Convenient, secure login for compatible Apple products
Block/Unblock Debit Cards – Block/unblock your debit cards in real-time
New Secure Login Method – No captcha code or security questions required
Mobile Check Deposit – Now available on desktop computers
Streamlined Bill Pay Service – Including e-bills, picture-pay, and custom notifications
Account-to-Account (A2A) Transfers – Brand new A2A transfer tool connecting all your accounts
Person-to-Person (P2P) Transfers – Same-day funds availability when payee uses their debit card
Capview 360 – Track, budget, and categorize activity from your other institutions for a 360-view of your finances



Digital Banking

Capitol View’s digital banking platform offers the robust, modern banking solutions you might expect from a large national institution. Digital banking is available across desktop, mobile, and tablet devices and allow members to view balances, track history, download eStatements, transfer funds, make loan and credit card payments, setup account alerts, access bill pay services, access Capview360 and more!

Here are some highlights of our digital banking platform:

Mobile Application

Capitol View’s mobile application is a powerful on-the-go tool to manage your accounts. With our mobile app, members can view account balances, recent activity, transfer funds, and access our mobile deposit tool.

Our app is available on Apple and Android smartphones and tablets.

View Mobile Banking Agreement and Disclosure.

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Block/Unblock Your Debit Cards

Have you ever misplaced your debit card? Now you can easily place a temporary block on your card while you search and unblock it once it’s found. To use this feature, select “Manage Debit Cards” in the main menu.

Mobile Check Deposit

Remote Deposit GraphicEasily deposit checks using your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer with digital banking. Mobile deposit funds are available on the second business day following your deposit. Be sure to retain the original check for 30 days.

Endorsing Your Check: Please endorse your mobile deposited checks with your name, the text “Mobile Deposit“, and the date. For additional details, view Mobile Banking Agreement and Disclosure.

Bill Pay / A2A / P2P

Moving money is made simple across our bill pay, A2A, and P2P tools. Link and pay your bills with ease in our convenient bill pay system. Our A2A tool allows you to link to third party institutions and transfer funds between them and your Capitol View account. You can also send money directly to individuals using our P2P transfer tool.

Capview 360

With Capview360, you can track and categorize transactions across all of your accounts at various institutions, giving you a 360 degree view of your finances. Create budgets, savings goals, and manage your net worth all within this powerful tool. Select “Capview 360” in the main menu of digital banking to get started.