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Capitol View Credit Union membership is not available to the general public. To join Capitol View Credit Union, simply check the list below. If you, or a family member are employed by one of these groups, you are eligible to join Capitol View Credit Union:

  • Employees of the State of Iowa
  • Employees of the State of Iowa and employees of persons who contract services with the State of Iowa
  • Employees of Capitol View Credit Union
  • Workforce Development Center employees who administer employment and training programs
  • Including family members. Family members shall include persons in the same household, and persons related to the member by the first, second or third degree of consanguinity or affinity, including foster children, adoptive children, and such relatives of a deceased member:
    • Parent
    • Child
    • Brother
    • Sister
    • Grandparent
    • Grandchild
    • Great-Grandparent
    • Great-Grandchild
    • Aunt (sister of parent)
    • Uncle (brother of parent)
    • Nephew (son of brother or sister)
    • Niece (daughter of brother of sister)
    • Spouse
    • Spouse’s child
    • Spouse’s parents
    • Spouse’s brother of sister
    • Spouse’s grandparent
    • Spouse’s grandchild
    • Child’s spouse
    • Parent’s spouse
    • Brother-in-law or Sister-in-law
    • Grandparent’s spouse
    • Grandchild’s spouse



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