Quarterly Staff Column: “Debit Cards”

If you’ve gotten a new debit card this year, you might have noticed that they look a little different than they used to. Early in 2023, Capitol View updated debit cards with a few key features:

First, you might notice the packaging is different! While our debit cards used to come in a slim commercial-type envelope, they now come in a larger style that looks more like a greeting card, with Capitol View as the return address. Don’t toss it! It would take another 7–10 business days to get a replacement card sent your way. Keep in mind that PIN letters come separately from the debit cards for security purposes. You’ll see them a day before or after your card arrives.

Our cards also now have a new safe and efficient way to pay—contactless payment using the tap feature! This means that on certain POS systems, you can simply tap your card to pay. The system will read the card without you having to swipe or insert the chip.

You may have also noticed the expiration dates are a little further in the future. Our debit cards used to be good for two years, but now they expire after three years. New cards are sent out the month of expiry, so if your debit card expires 10/23, you will receive your new debit card in October, typically around the third week. You’ll need to activate your new card, but if it’s simply a replacement card for an expired one, your PIN will remain the same.

As a general reminder, your debit card has daily limits! They can be temporarily adjusted (to an extent), if you have a larger purchase to make—just call the office and we can discuss options.

If you ever see charges on your account that say DEBIT CARD that you don’t recognize, call the number on the back of your card. We partner with Iowa-based company Shazam to maintain cards and handle fraud. You might hear from them if they need to verify purchases as part of a fraud alert, but if you feel more comfortable, you can always give us a call—we can verify those purchases for you as well.

For any other debit card-related questions, call our office or email member services at cvcu@capview.com. We’re always happy to help!


Alyse Weishaar
Member Services Representative