Scam Alert: Fake Texts and Phone Calls

Several members have reported receiving suspicious text messages or phone calls. The messages and calls claim to be from Capitol View Credit Union regarding recent SAMS CLUB purchase for $869.70. If the user responds, they receive a phone call, which also appears to be coming from Capitol View.
These messages are NOT from Capitol View Credit Union. We are investigating the source of these fraudulent messages. In the meantime, here are things to be aware of:
  • Capitol View Credit Union will NEVER ask you to share your full social security number, online banking passwords, CVV codes, or PINs.
  • DO NOT share any personal or financial information if you receive one of these texts or phone calls.
  • If possible, report the messages or calls as junk. If not, delete the message without responding.
  • If you shared your debit card or credit card information, call 515-348-8350, option 2 to report your card as compromised.
  • If you shared other personal or financial information with the sender, please inform Capitol View immediately by emailing: or calling 515-348-8350.
  • There is no evidence that member accounts have been compromised.
  • As an additional precaution, members are able to temporarily block/unblock their debit cards using our digital banking system if they choose to.

Here is a screenshot of one of the phishing text messages: