Beating Record-High Credit Card Rates

Since the Federal Reserve started raising interest rates early last year, credit card rates have risen to their highest on record. The average credit card is now charging 20.69% APR*. That’s nearly double Capitol View’s Gold Mastercard rate, which is currently 10.50% APR**. What’s more, credit card balances are also near a record high, totaling nearly $950 billion*.

Now is an important time for members with credit card debt to explore ways to minimize the impact of high credit card interest. Capitol View offers one of the lowest credit card rates around. If you have a balance on a credit card with a higher interest rate, you can easily transfer that balance to your low interest Capitol View credit card.

Another option is to use equity from your home or vehicle to pay down or pay off high interest credit card debt. Since vehicle loans and home loans are secured, you will pay significantly less interest than you would on an unsecured credit card balance.

Finally, Capitol View also offers personal loans. Personal loans are currently as low as 9.49% APR**. Even those interest rates are lower than many credit cards.
Diane and Linda would be happy to look at your scenario and offer suggestions. You may be able to save money on interest or pay off your debt sooner. Contact us to make an appointment at or call 515-348-8350, option 3.


*Source:,%25%2C%20which%20is%20a%20record. **Rates listed are our best rates as of 6/14/2023 and are subject to change.