Quarterly Staff Column: “Holiday Shopping Routines”

The Holidays are coming soon! Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? There are a couple of responses I usually get: “Yep, I finished my Christmas shopping in July,” or “What? No way! I haven’t started yet and probably won’t do any until December 24th at 9pm.” Which one are you? I’m in the middle, […]

Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit?

Home equity loans and lines of credit offer members the ability to leverage the equity in your home to fund projects or purchases at highly competitive rates. With rates rising, refinancing your mortgage for cash-out is not as appealing as it was even a year ago. So what are the differences between a home equity […]

Easily Lock/Unlock Your Debit Card

Whether you’ve recently misplaced your debit card or you’re hoping to keep yourself from spending money, you can easily lock and unlock your debit card using our digital banking system. Capitol View makes it easier than ever to block and unblock your debit card. Simply log into digital banking and select “Manage Debit Cards” from […]

3x Gold Mastercard Rewards

Earn 3x on up to $1,500 worth of qualifying transactions made between October 3, 2022 and December 31, 2022.* Shop Early Shop Local Shop With Your Capitol View Gold Mastercard Don’t have a Gold Mastercard? Apply online at   *Transactions within other establishments do not apply and we do not control how merchants are […]

Letter From CEO, Benjamin Sheridan

Brent’s Upcoming Retirement

Our CEO, Brent Kowalsky, will be retiring at the end of September, following 38 years of service. During his tenure, Brent helped lead Capitol View through difficult economic times with stability and value for our membership. In 1996, Brent helped expand our field of membership to serve all state employees and facilitated the name change […]

New CEO, Benjamin Sheridan

Following Brent’s retirement in September, Assistant Manager Benjamin Sheridan, will be taking over as CEO. Benjamin has worked at Capitol View since 2006, when he started as a part-time, seasonal teller while attending college. During his 16 years at Capitol View, Benjamin has worked as a Member Service Representative, Marketing Director, and Assistant Manager. In […]

We Offer Mortgages!

Buying a home is a significant life moment and you deserve it to be treated that way. While large banks and mortgage companies want to reduce you to a number, Capitol View offers personal service from pre-approval through closing. Capitol View partners with Premier Lending Alliance for our mortgage offerings. Contact our mortgage professional, Tim […]

Send Money Securely Via Text

Advancing technology has made moving money easier than ever. Capitol View’s digital banking services allow you to securely send money to friends and family using their phone or email address! To send money, log into your digital banking account. Then, select “Bill Pay / A2A / P2P” in the navigation menu. If you’re using a […]

Red Flags of Fraud

Have you been contacted to perform a large transaction? Fraudsters are skilled at avoiding suspicion. If you’re being asked to send large amounts of money as cash, gift cards, or a wire transfer, consider these red flags before putting your money at risk: Red Flags of Fraud: There is urgency for the recipient to receive […]