Scam Alert: Fake Texts and Phone Calls

Several members have reported receiving suspicious text messages or phone calls. The messages and calls claim to be from Capitol View Credit Union regarding recent SAMS CLUB purchase for $869.70. If the user responds, they receive a phone call, which also appears to be coming from Capitol View. These messages are NOT from Capitol View […]

Money Mover Rate Bump

Introducing our Money Mover rate bump on certificates of deposit! When you purchase a CD at Capitol View with new money from another institution, you’ll get a 0.25% rate bump above our standard rates! View rates, below: *Rates listed are as of 6/14/23 and are subject to change daily. New money is defined as money […]

Capitol View’s Financial Coach

We are excited to announce that Assistant Manager, Jessica Horst, has recently become certified as a financial coach through the Iowa Credit Union League! In addition to her wealth of knowledge in member services and operations, Jessica is now equipped with the tools to help members tackle their unique financial situations and offer coaching on […]

Password Security

Passwords are our first line of defense against hackers. As password requirements continue to become more complicated, it’s worth considering why. Below is a chart illustrating the time it takes a hacker to crack a password based on various complexities. The advancement of artificial intelligence and super computers makes the need for complex passwords all […]

Beating Record-High Credit Card Rates

Since the Federal Reserve started raising interest rates early last year, credit card rates have risen to their highest on record. The average credit card is now charging 20.69% APR*. That’s nearly double Capitol View’s Gold Mastercard rate, which is currently 10.50% APR**. What’s more, credit card balances are also near a record high, totaling […]

Quarterly Staff Column: Credit Score Models

When you think of your credit score, you might think of it as a single number. Your score may change over time, but it’s always just one number, right? Actually, no. Credit scores are calculations based on your credit report. However, institutions use different models to calculate your score, typically using ones that are most […]

Hello Summer!

Soak in the savings by moving your loans to Capitol View! Moving your loan to Capitol View could: Lower your payment Lower your rate Pay off your loan faster Reward are based on the total amount financed: $5,000+ = $25 Gift Card $10,000+ = $50 Gift Card $20,000+ = $100 Gift Card $30,000+ = $150 […]

Free Shred Event May 4, 2023

There is so much attention on cyber security nowadays that we may forget that hard copies of documents are just as important to secure and properly dispose of when the time comes. Capitol View will be offering free, on-site shredding services on May 4 from 11am–1pm. Members can bring up to 100 pounds of documents […]

Bucks For Bookworms 2023

Has your child worked hard and excelled in school this year? Capitol View wants to reward their efforts and help inspire an equal passion for financial responsibility. This May through June, students K-12 can bring in a copy of their report card. Capitol View will then deposit cash into their Savings account for every A […]

Dealer Financing “Deals” Explained

Auto dealers are more than happy to not just sell you a car, but finance it too. The first thing to remember is that auto manufacturers and dealers are for-profit. At the end of the day, they want to make money. So why do dealers sometimes offer financing rates that are at, or below, credit […]