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Variable Rate

You will be hard pressed to find a HELOC with a lower rate than at Capitol View. With variable rates as low as 3.75% there is not a better time for a HELOC than now.

With a HELOC you can borrow substantial amounts for incredibly low rates. At Capitol View, members can borrow up to 85% of their home's value (*less any liens).

Capitol View HELOCs offer you up to 5 years to draw money, depending on the total line of credit. That gives you the flexibility to only use what you need and, more importantly, only pay interest on what you need.

HELOC terms are available up to 15 years based on the total line of credit. This allows you to minimize your payments and maximize your cash-on-hand.

*Borrow up to 85% of your home’s value less any liens. 3.75% variable rate is our best rate as of 5-19-15. Max rate is 15%. Fees range from $243-$598. Contact a Capitol View loan officer for additional information, 515-725-2167.



Or contact one of our loan officers:

Kyle Hunt
Phone: (515)  725-2192

Doug Allen
Phone: (515) 725-2178



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