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January 15, 2014

Target Offers One Year of Free Credit Monitoring to Customers

Target recently announced that they will be providing free credit monitoring services for customers who enroll through their website,

According to Target: "Target announced that we would offer one year of free credit monitoring and identity theft protection to all Target guests who shopped U.S. stores, to provide an added safeguard following the recent data breach.

After a thorough review of options, Target has chosen ProtectMyID, provided by Experian—a leading global information services company that helps individuals understand and keep track of their credit reports, as well as monitor for and resolve identity theft. Request an activation code before April 23, 2014 and then register for the offer through ProtectMyID before April 30, 2014.

In addition to a complimentary copy of their credit report, guests who sign up will receive daily credit monitoring, identity theft insurance (except where prohibited by law), and have access to personalized assistance from a highly trained Fraud Resolution Agent. Access to the Fraud Resolution Agent will continue even after other benefits of the initial one-year ProtectMyID membership expire. After 12 months, those who register have the option to continue their memberships at their own expense.

This ProtectMyID package includes the necessary tools guests need for credit monitoring and identity theft protection. It does not include Experian credit score or reports from Equifax and TransUnion. When visiting the enrollment site, guests will have the option to purchase these additional products at their own expense if they choose, but are not required to purchase a credit score to receive the benefits of credit monitoring and identity theft protection.

For additional information visit Target's website,

December 30, 2013

Target Remains Confident Cardholder PINs Remain Safe:

Target has released new information confirming that strongly encrypted PIN data was also removed during last week's data breach. However, Target remains confident that actual cardholder PINs remain strongly encrypted and are safe and secure.

According to Target's statement, "Target does not have access to nor does it store the encryption key within our system. The PIN information is encrypted within Target's systems and can only be decrypted when it is received by our external, independent payment processor. What this means is that the 'key' necessary to decrypt that data has never existed within Target's system and could not have been taken during this incident."

Capitol View members should continue to monitor their accounts, however there is not an immediate need to request a PIN change.

December 20, 2013

Target REDcard Cardholders:

If you are a Target Debit REDcard cardholder and notice fraudulant activity on your Capitol View accounts due to fraudulant REDcard use you will have 60 calendar days to complete a Written Statement of Unauthorized Debit form and submit it with Shazam. For more information about claiming fraud on your Capitol View accounts due to a compromized Target Debit REDcard contact Capitol View at (515) 725-2167.

 December 20, 2013

Important Update For Cardholders

Capitol View would like to address member's concerns regarding the recent national credit card breach related to the retailer, Target. Please review the following information regarding the breach and steps that can be taken to protect your accounts:

According to information provided by Target, their card processing system security was compromised between the dates of November 27 and December 15. Target has also confirmed that only a cardholder's name, card number, expiration date, and CVV codes may have been compromised.

Steps Members Can Take:

  • Review your account and credit card activity frequently for potential fraud.
  • Unless fraud is confirmed on your account there is not an immediate need to close and re-issue your debit or credit cards.
  • Review your credit report for accuracy. Members can request a free annual copy of their credit report from
  • If you identify fraud on your DEBIT card, contact Shazam at (866) 596-3059.
  • If you identify fraud on your Capitol View MasterCard, contact Card Services at (800) 234-5354.
  • Review this page for any additional updates.

Steps Capitol View Is Taking:

  • Capitol View is continuing to monitor member's accounts for unusual activity along with our card service providers.
  • Capitol View is still awaiting additional information regarding specific cardholders which may be at a higher risk.
  • Capitol View will be contact individual cardholders regarding the status of their accounts should any action be recommended or required.

Reminder to Cardholders:

  • Capitol View and our card service providers will never ask for detailed personal or card information (such as your complete social security number, your card's CVV code, and your PIN) when contacting you by phone regarding your accounts.
  • Always use caution before providing personal information over the phone or email.
  • Contact Capitol View directly at (515) 725-2167 to report suspicious phone calls or emails requesting personal or account information. 

Capitol View understands our member's concerns regarding this recent national security breach and is taking steps to prevent and resolve all potential threats. Please review this page for additional updates.


Benjamin - Member Service Manager
Capitol View Credit Union



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