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Capitol View Credit Union offers a wide variety of services that are made to help you better manage your money. Take some time to go over each of these services and decide which serve your needs best.

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Specialized Services


  • Payroll Deduction
    • Payroll deduction allows you to automatically take a specified amount out of your paycheck and deposit it into multiple accounts. This service is perfect to help set aside money for your savings, a vacation club account, or even to make a loan payment each pay period. Create a payroll deduction today. You will be glad you did!

      Contact the credit union to setup a payroll deduction.

  • Courtesy Checking
  • Money Orders
    • We offer Money Orders at both of our offices for only $2.00/each. Money orders are as good as cash but are made out to specific people or businesses. They are convenient and leave no account information so you can be sure your information is secure.
  • Auto & Homeowner's Insurance from TruStage
    • You trust Capitol View Credit Union to provide you and your family with quality products and services to meet your financial needs. We've joined with a dedicated team of insurance professionals to bring you auto and homeowners insurance from TruStage. Learn more here...

      The TruStage Auto & Home Insurance Program is underwritten by leading insurance companies, including Liberty Mutual Insurance Company and its affiliates. The insurance offered is not a deposit and is not federally insured or guaranteed by your credit union.

  • Advanced Investment Services from TruStage
    • Capitol View members can take advantage of advanced investing options including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities, and more with our partner TruStage. TruStage offers you the guidance and resources to invest with confidence. Learn more about our resources with TruStage here.
  • Cashier Checks
    • Cashier Checks allow you to send a check without having personal checks or even a checking account. They are great for making special, one-time payments. Cashier Checks also do not contain any of your personal account information so they are safe and reliable. Cashier or Teller Checks are a cash substitute. Be aware that you cannot place a stop on these instruments.
  • Money Wiring
    • The fastest way available to send/receive money is through a wire transfer. However, wires are more expensive than other options. Click here to view our rate & fee schedule for current fees.
    • Incoming Wires (To Capitol View)
      In order for you to send a wire to your Capitol View account, you will need to provide the initiating institution with Capitol View’s wiring instructions below:
      •    NCB, FSB
      •    139 South High Street
      •    Hillsboro, OH 45133
      •    R/T Number 242272227
      •    Beneficiary FI: Capitol View Credit Union
      •    Beneficiary FI: Account Number: 273074135
      •    Beneficiary Name: Member Name
      •    Beneficiary Account Number: Account Number at Capitol View

      Outgoing Wires (To another institution)
      To send wires from your Capitol View account to another institution, simply contact the receiving institution and request their wiring instructions. Contact Capitol View with those instructions and we will prepare an authorization form for you to sign.
      Our daily wire cutoff for outgoing wires is 11am. Most wires are received by the receiving institution within a few hours.
      *International wires will require the receiving country’s swift code. 
  • Gap Insurance
    • GAP Insurance is a feature we offer with all vehicle loans. After owning your vehicle for several years, many times the value decreases to less than what is still owed. GAP Insurance bridges that ‘gap’ should your vehicle be stolen or severely damaged. Other plans only cover the vehicle’s value. With GAP Insurance you aren’t stuck with that bill. See a loan officer for more details.
  • Faxing Services
  • Extended Vehicle Warranties
    • In addition to getting a low rate vehicle loan with Capitol View, we offer extended warranties for your car. The warranties we offer frequently have no deductible and often are cheaper, longer lasting, and offer more coverage than comparable dealer warranties. Ask us about our extended warranties.
  • $1000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance
    • Your credit union membership entitles you to $1,000.00 of no-cost Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance made available by your credit union through CUNA Mutual Insurance Society.
      With AD&D insurance, you add protection for when serious accidents happen. And you can purchase more—up to $300,000* (Terms Apply)—and receive additional benefits to aid yourself and loved ones with unexpected expenses including Hospitalization, Childcare, Grief counseling, and more.
    • To make your claim for $1,000.00 no-cost protections or to apply for more, contact Members Financial Services today at 1-877-636-2377.
    • *The total amount of Accidental Death & Dismemberment additional coverage you may have with CUNA Mutual, for all certificates, is $500,000. Other coverage amounts are available. The insurance offered is not a deposit and is not federally insured or underwitten or guaranteed by Capitol View Credit Union.
  • Free Notary
    • We currently have several Notaries on staff and offer free notary services to all members.
  • Coin Deposits
    • Coins piling up? Bring them into the credit union and we will turn them into cash or deposit them directly into your account.  Don’t let a penny go to waste. Some fees may apply based on the amount of coins counted. Refer to the current Fee Schedule for additional information.

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