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24 Hour Voice Banking System


*CURRENT USERS: Our Voice Banking system has recently been updated to include additional security features. If you are a current voice banking user you will need to re-enroll using these added features. Select (*) to begin the enrollment process. You will need your current PIN code and account number. Contact us at 515-725-2167 with any questions.

Enrollment Process:

  • Enter your 5-digit user ID
  • Enter your PIN code (if you are a new user please contact Capitol View to be issued a PIN)
  • Register your phone number for future access (This will allow you to skip a portion of the sign-on process whenever you call using the registered phone number)
  • Select three security questions:
    • To use your oldest sibling's birthday as a challenge question press (1)
    • your youngest sibling's birthday press (2)
    • the number of grandchildren you have press (3)
    • the last four digits of your childhood phone number press (4)
    • the age you were on your first date press (5)
    • the number of pets you had before you were ten press (6)
    • the numeric street address of your childhood home press (7)
    • the number of schools you attended press (8)
    • your anniversary press (9)
  • Create a personalized message or select one of the pre-recorded options
  • Enter a new 4-10 digit PIN code

Capitol View Credit Union members can access their accounts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year using our Voice Response System. You can reach our voice response system toll free at 1-800-879-8350 or locally 226-7997.

By using the number pad on your touch tone phone, members can inquire on their accounts; transfer funds; find out what checks have cleared; get tax information; check on deposits and withdrawals; make check withdrawals; leave a message for the credit union, and much more! Use our voice response system from the comfort of your home, office or with your cell phone.


New Users

New users please contact our main office at 515-725-2167 to be issued an initial PIN code so you can begin the enrollment process.


Voice Banking Map

(*) Begin Enrollment Process
(1) Balances & History

(2) Transfers & Loan Payments
(4) Alerts
(5) More Options:
       (1) Locations
       (2) Stop Payments
       (5 )Tax information
       (6) More options:
              (1) Update Personal Preferences
                     (1) Manage Alerts
                     (2) Change PIN Code
                     (3) Change Registered Phone
                     (6) Current Rates
              (4) Check Reorder
              (5) Check Withdrawal

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24/7 Voice Response: 1-800-879-8350
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