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Capitol View’s free application allows members to access their accounts on compatible smartphones and tablets using their current Home Banking login information. Once logged in, members can easily view balances, review recent activity, make transfers, loan payments, and more.

In addition to those great tools, our mobile application offers mobile check capture. With mobile check capture, qualified members are able to make check deposits using their Android or Apple smartphone or tablet. Using this tool, checks can be photographed and submited using the device’s camera. In most cases, deposits will credit member’s accounts within one business day, saving time and stress.

The Capview mobile application is available for the following devices:

  • Apple iOS phones & tablets
  • Android phones & tablets
  • Windows tablets



About Mobile Check Deposit

This new tool is available to qualified members* within our new mobile application. A checking account is required for mobile check deposit.

  • First, log into your account using our Capview Mobile app for Android or Apple devices (not currently availabe on Windows platforms). Our Capview Mobile app uses the same log in credentials as our Home Banking system.

  • Once signed in, scroll right-to-left until the checking account screen appears.

  •   Select the camera icon and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the deposit process. Most deposits are available within 1-2 business days.


Endorsing Your Check - Please endorse your mobile deposited checks with your name, the text "Mobile Deposit", and the date.

It is recommended that members retain a copy of any mobile deposited checks for at least 30 days.


*Members must have a checking account and be in good standing. Capitol View reserves the right to restrict access to the mobile deposit tool or reject deposited items for any reason including delinquency or abuse.

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