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Capitol View Credit Union operates under the philosophy of keeping our fees as low as possible. As a member-owner of CVCU, we want you to have affordable access to the financial services you want and need.

Effective April 2014 and is subject to change
Closing account open less than six months $15.00
Overdraft transfer to Checking for ACH $4.00* each (3 free/month)

Inactive account*

(*ONLY APPLIES to members with all of the following criteria: Only a S1 account, members 21 years old or older, balance is under $200, no additional services with Capitol View)

Share Draft/Checking  
Balance Checkbook $25.00/hour*
Check copy (requested via Credit Union) $3.00 each*
NSF honored items $28.00 each
NSF returned items $28.00 each
Overdraft transfer from savings for a draft $4.00* each (3 free/month)
Stop payment $15.00 each*
Per item / Block of checks $15.00 each*
Temporary checks $0.50 per check*



Atira Gift Card $3.00 
Debit Card & ATM Card:  
Cash or Inquiries withdrawals 5 free/month then $1.00*
Deposits N/C
Copy of sales draft $10.00 each*
Point of sale transaction N/C
Replace lost or stolen card $5.00 each*
Replace damaged card $5.00 each*
Rush new plastic $40.00
Same-day rush new plastic $70.00
MasterCard  and Gold MasterCard   
Annual fee None
Balance transfer fee None
Cash Advances (effective May 11, 2011)
3% of total advance
Late fee $15.00
Over limit fee $15.00
Return check fee $25.00
Sales draft copy fee $10.00 each*
Statement copy fee $5.00*
Replace lost, stolen or damaged card $5.00*
Visa Reload Card
Open a Visa Reload Card
Account Maintenance (Waived with direct deposit) $2.95 per month
Operator Assisted Phone Inquiry $1.50 per inquiry
ATM Withdrawal U.S. (One free per calendar month) $1.00 per transaction
ATM Withdrawal International $2.00 per transaction
ATM Balance Inquiry $1.00 per transaction
ATM Decline U.S. $1.50 per transaction
ATM Decline International $5.00 per transaction
Foreign Exchange Processing 1% of the transaction amount
Lost/Stolen Card Replacement $15.00 per replacement
Secondary Card $10.00 per card
Rush Card - Overnight Shipping $25.00 per incident
PIN Change $0.25 per change
Cash Advance $2.00 per transaction
Unload Value $10.00 per transaction
Paper Statement $1.00 per statements
General Services  
Account research $20.00 per hour*
Amortization schedule $2.00 each*
Bad address fee $5.00 each
Cashiers check $3.00 each
Coin Deposits (Over $500) 1% of total coin deposit
Check collection $25.00 each
Current transaction summary (requested via Credit Union) $1.00 each*
Copy of past statement (requested via Credit Union) $4.00 each*
Empty ATM deposit envelope fee $25.00 each
Extra copies of 1099/1098 $4.00*
Local $2.00 + $1.00 each additional page
Long Distance $4.00 + $1.00 each additional page
IRA Closure Before Age of 59.5 Years Old $25.00
Garnishments / levies $25.00
Money orders $2.00 each
New Vehicle Price Guide (refunded if vehicle is financed at CVCU) $5.00 each*
Return deposit item $10.00
Wire Transfers  
Sending Domestic $15.00
Sending International $30.00
* These items are subject to 6% state sales tax.
Service fees and changes are subject to change as per Credit Union policy. Service charges and fees may be subject to 6% sales tax. We reserve the right to at any time require not less than 7 days notice in writing before each withdrawal from a dividend-bearing account other than a time deposit, or from any other savings account as defined by Regulation D.

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