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71 Years Serving State Employees

Capitol View Credit Union was originally organized by a group of Employment Services employees in 1944. Since then it has been our mission to offer straight-forward, reliable banking to state employees and their families nearly exclusively.
Unlike other credit unions, we stand by our commitment to serve state employees in an effort to maintain our small-town, honest relationships with our members. By limiting our membership, we are able to offer customer service that cannot be matched. Further, we consistently offer some of the most competitive rates around.
With Capitol View Credit Union you get all of the great, big-city services like Home Banking; Online Bill Pay; full service Personal, Vehicle, and Home Loans; and a range of Investment Opportunities with the honesty and reliability that comes along with small-town, Iowan relationships.
Learn more about our history with State Employees...


The Benefits of Capitol View

So why should you bank with us? To start, our customer service is the best around. We have long standing relationships with many state employees and handle multiple state employee organization’s accounts. We also have the experience to help with all of your needs.
Capitol View is also the most convenient place to bank as a state employee. Located inside the Iowa Workforce Development Building, we are just a short walk from any state office building on the complex. We also operate on the same schedule as state offices so you can always swing by our office over lunch or on a break.
Finally, we  offer a long list of reliable, easy-to-use services that are geared towards helping you better manage your money and make to most of it. Visit us to learn more!

Over 5,000 Branch Locations!

Shared Branching is a service that expands your account access to over 5,000 other credit unions across the country. Learn more about this convenient service and where you can find Shared Branch Locations.



Capitol View Credit Union

Statement of Financial Condition As Of Dec. 31, 2014

ASSETS 2013 2014
Loans to Members*


Allowance for Loan Loss ($210,082) ($254,831)
Cash $3,639,683 $2,939,881
Investments (Book Value) $5,029,300 $6,159,300
Fixed Assets $16,442 $9,051
Other Assets $539,663 $722,982
NCUA Capitalization Deposit $241,654 $254,987

 Total Assets

$30,167,059 $31,148,851



Shares and Deposits $25,692,743 $25,962,417
Notes Payable
$0 $500,000
Accounts Payable and Other $78,198 $90,258
Legal Reserve & Other Reserves $1,025,844 $1,055529
Undivided Earnings $3,370,274 $3,540,647

 Total Liabilities and Equity



*Unused Lines of Credit Include:

MasterCard @ $3,062,504    
Home Equity @ $1,074,695    
Privilege Pay @ $631,250    


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Local: 515-725-2167
Toll Free: 1-800-383-3595
24/7 Voice Response: 1-800-879-8350
Fax: 515-725-2196

Main Office
1000 East Grand Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50319

Capitol View Credit Union
Routing Number: 273074135
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