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Car Shopping?

Let us help you find the perfect new car! Use our CUDL AutoSmart online tool to research, shop, and buy your next vehicle with financing from Capitol View. Check it out now!




New & Used Auto Loans

Whether you’re interested in purchasing or leasing a new or used vehicle, financing it through Capitol View Credit Union may be your most affordable option. We offer very competitive rates, convenient terms, and in most cases the ability to finance up to 100% of the vehicle’s purchase price.

Got questions? Call Kyle at (515) 725-2192 or email for answers.

Ask about our 0.25% discount when you purchase a vehicle with an EPA combined fuel efficiency of 30MPG or greater as listed on







Boat, Motorcycle, & RVs Loans

Our low loan rates, quick service, and convenient terms make it easy for travelers, campers, boaters and snowmobilers to find the perfect loan to meet their needs. Come see us and put some adventure in your life!



Ready To Get Started?


Or call Kyle at (515) 725-2192 or Doug at (515) 725-2178

Vehicle Loan Rates

  Regular Rate Loyalty Rate*
New Vehicles (2012 and newer)    
1 to 36 Month Term 2.24% 1.99%
37 to 63 Month Term 2.70% 2.45%
64 to 76 Month Term 3.24% 2.99%
Used Vehicles (2009-2011)    
1 to 60 Month Term
3.35% 3.10%
61 to 66 Month Term
4.00% 3.75%
67 to 72 Month Term 4.65% 4.40%
Used Vehicles (2007-2008)    
1 to 48 Month Term
5.30% 5.05%
49 to 60 Month Term
5.70% 5.45%
Used Vehicles (2006 and older)    
1 to 36 Month Term
6.50% 6.25%

All rates are our lowest rates for new loans based on qualifying credit. Loans without automatic payments are 0.25% higher than the lowest qualifying regular rate. Refinancing options also available. Contact or for refinancing rates.

*Loyalty Rates require direct deposit and automatic payment from a funded account. Loyalty rates cannot be combined with any other offers.

Rates as of 01/15/2016 and are subject to change.




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