Quarterly Staff Column: “Digital Banking Tips”

Automatic Transfers

Set up your own automatic transfers between your Capitol View accounts using online banking! Under Money Movement, select “Transfers.” You’ll be able to see and edit a list of current recurring transfers here, and at the top, you can select “Make a Transfer” to start a new one. As you fill in the account information, a field will open where you can select frequency of transfer—once, weekly, monthly, etc. By creating these transfers in online banking, the control is in your hands to stop or change them whenever you need.

Loan Payments

If your loan payments aren’t set to automatically pay, or if you’d like to pay a little bit extra from time to time, you can easily do this using online banking. Under Money Movement, select “Loan Payments.” As you fill in the information, more fields will open. With this tool, you can decide on which day to send the payment and include a memo to yourself (e.g. “extra car payment”). You won’t be able to make principal-only payments online, however—you’ll still need to call the office for those.

Transferring to Another Member

Owe another Capitol View member a few dollars? Using the “Pay a Member” tool under Money Movement, you can send money right from your Capitol View account to theirs. Click “Make a Payment” and fill in the required information. You’ll start with your own account “From.” Then, you’ll enter the other member’s information: Last name, S-type, then their member number. Enter the amount, and a quick note to your friend and hit submit!

Member Service Representative