Take Advantage Of Our High CD Rates!

2022 offered some of the fastest rate increases we’ve seen in decades. Rates are poised to begin to slow in 2023 but are expected to remain high. Now is a great time to take advantage of our high certificate of deposit (CD) rates. With as little as $2,500, you could earn 2.02% APY* with a 12 month CD. Have a lot of cash sitting around? Earn 4.32% APY* on a 15 month, $100,000 CD.

Certificates of deposit are reliable investments with strong returns. Plus, if you need to withdrawal your CD before maturity we offer minimal interest penalties, that do not cut into your principle deposit. Contact Alyse or Jessica about opening a high yield CD with us today!

*Rates are subject to change daily so check for our current rates.

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TermMinimum BalanceStandard RateStandard APYMoney Mover Rate**Money Mover APY**
13 Month$25,0004.77%4.85%5.01%5.10%
21 Month$25,0004.04%4.10%4.28%4.35%
41 Month$10,0003.80%3.85%4.04%4.10%
15 Month JUMBO CD$100,0004.91%5.00%5.15%5.25%
1 Year$2,5003.80%3.85%4.04%4.10%
1 Year$10,0004.53%4.60%4.76%4.85%
2 Years$2,5002.25%2.27%2.50%2.52%
2 Years$10,0003.00%3.03%3.25%3.29%
3 Years$2,5001.75%1.76%2.00%2.02%
3 Years$10,0002.30%2.32%2.55%2.57%
5 Years$2,5001.25%1.26%1.50%1.51%
5 Years$10,0002.35%2.37%2.60%2.63%
Certificate of Deposit Rates
*IRA CDs are also available at these current rates.
Money Mover Rate Bump
**Get an additional 0.25% on the standard rates when you purchase a CD with new money from another institution. New money is defined as money not deposited in your Capitol View accounts within the last six months.