Send Money Securely Via Text

Advancing technology has made moving money easier than ever. Capitol View’s digital banking services allow you to securely send money to friends and family using their phone or email address!

To send money, log into your digital banking account. Then, select “Bill Pay / A2A / P2P” in the navigation menu. If you’re using a smartphone, first select the menu icon in the upper left corner to display the menu.

Once the bill pay tool opens, select the “I want to…” drop-down icon at the top, and choose “Pay a person.” After you enter the amount and recipient, you will create a “secret word”. The secret word is an additional level of security used to validate the recipient’s identity.

Once completed, the recipient will receive either a text message or email instructing them on how to accept the funds and prompt them for the secret word you created. If they accept funds using a debit card, transfers are processed the same day.
Our P2P (person-to-person) tool allows you to transfer money electronically without ever sharing your account information. Plus, with a custom secret word for each transaction, you can be confident that no one except the intended recipient receives the funds.

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