Red Flags of Fraud

Have you been contacted to perform a large transaction? Fraudsters are skilled at avoiding suspicion. If you’re being asked to send large amounts of money as cash, gift cards, or a wire transfer, consider these red flags before putting your money at risk:

Red Flags of Fraud:

  • There is urgency for the recipient to receive the funds quickly
  • You’re told not to tell your bank/credit union the true purpose of the transaction
  • A friend or family member is in trouble and needs you to send money to help
  • You won a prize, or inherited money, but you have to pay fees first
  • You won the lottery, but you have to pay some taxes first
  • You need to pay for something you just bought online before they send it
  • You got a check for too much money and need to send back the extra
  • You’re asked to send cash or gift cards in the mail

What to do:

  • Use caution when wiring money to someone you do not know.
  • Attempt to verify the identity and legitimacy of the individual/organization
  • Use caution when wiring money to someone who contacted you:
  • Even if you feel like you know the person
  • Even if the person says they are your friend or related to you
  • Attempt to verify their identity
  • When in doubt, consult Capitol View Credit Union — we’re here to protect you and your money!

If you sent money to someone who contacted you, report it to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC):

  • Call the FTC at 1-877-382-4357
  • Go online:
  • The FTC uses complaints to build cases against scammers. Any information you can give helps investigators