Shop, Spend, & Save Local

This year has been unlike any other. However, there are ways that you can show your support for our community and save while you do it!


As the holiday season approaches, commit to ways you can shop locally to support our neighborhood businesses. More now than ever, they stand to gain the most by your patronage.


In addition to shopping local, you can “spend local” by using your Capitol View Credit Cards. Instead of using a for-profit national bank this holiday, support your local credit union for your holiday purchases. Even if you are able to payoff your balance every month, your credit union benefits from card utilization.


Capitol View’s credit cards offer some of the industry’s lowest credit card rates. Our cards offer up to 61% lower rates than some national alternatives. Plus, our Gold Mastercard includes up to 1% cash back. Visit our MasterCard page to learn more.
Shopping, spending, and saving locally is a win-win-win!



*As of 9/24/20. Capitol View’s Gold Mastercard offers a 10.50% variable APR. Capital One Secured Mastercard lists up to 26.99% variable APR.