“Shazam Bolt” Is Now “Brella”

Your trusted debit card maintenance app, “Shazam Bolt”, is now “Brella”. This new app will offer cardholders to monitor transaction history, add travel plans, and temporarily block or unblock their cards with a click of a button.

Current Shazam Bolt Users:

iOS® — Brella will be released as an automatic update to all BOLT$ users.
AndroidTM — Users will need to download Brella as a new app.

Once users have Brella, the transition should be seamless for your cardholders. All BOLT$ usernames, passwords, registered cards and app functions will continue to work in Brella as they do today.

New Brella Users:

Debit card holders can download the Brella mobile app on their Apple or Android smart device through the applicable app stores.

View a detailed user guide here: Brella User Guide