Buying a Home in 2020? We’re Here to Help.

It is expected that 2020 will be another beneficial year to buy or refinance a home. Mortgage rates are still historically low and could continue that trend well into the year.

According to, Des Moines is leaning towards a seller’s market. That suggests there is more demand than supply. As a result, prices tend to increase and houses are on the market for shorter periods of time. In fact, the average time a house is on the market in Des Moines is around 60 days. That’s down from around 90 days since just 2018.

If you are hoping to find your dream home this year you should be sure to take steps now so you are prepared to act quickly. Here are a few ways you can get prepared:

  • Build Your Credit Score – The rate you pay on your mortgage will be determined largely by your credit score. Ways to improve your credit score include minimizing credit card debt, maintaining on-time payments, resolve any outstanding derogatory marks, and limit how often you apply for credit.
  • Save A Down Payment – A down payment does more than just establish initial equity in your home. It also determines whether you’ll need private mortgage insurance (PMI). Any down payment less than 20% will require PMI. The further away from 20% down will increase the amount you’ll need to spend each month on PMI.
  • Calculate How Much House You Can Afford – The house buying process can be exciting, but it is essential that you identify how much house you can realistically afford. Capitol View offers a calculator to help you with this at
  • Get Pre-Approved – Capitol View works will Premier Lending Alliance for our mortgage services. It may be tempting to go to a national mortgage company, but you won’t find rates and services like those at this local partner.

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